Monday, April 19, 2010

Hey Guys, today I'll be doing a brief review of the BlackBerry Bold 9700, including video review. I've had the bold for about 2 weeks now and all I can is that I am thoroughly impressed. The screen is bright and vibrant, it's blazingly fast, and the overall design is beautiful. Let's talk about speed, the speed of this phone is unlike any BlackBerry I've experienced before, from loading applications, to navigation to boot time, this has got to be the fastest BlackBerry yet. With 3G wireless capabilities to back it up download speeds are incredible. Now let's take a look at improvements. The new track pad is amazing! Though taking a few minutes of playing with to get used to, it is much more responsive than previous track balls, and is less prone to failure. The rubberized buttons feel much better than the previous chrome look buttons, and are more durable than the latter. The phone feels great in the hand, a good weight, and faux leather back gives an added grip. One of the other improvements over other BlackBerry devices is that the micro usb port has been moved back to the top left hand corner of the phone as opposed to the bottom right, which makes texting while charging much more manageable. The keypad also feels good while typing, the keys are spread out nicely and offer good feedback. The only downside I've found to this phone is the fact that it does not allow UMA calling, other than that this phone is nothing short of amazing and will be hard to top by future models. Again, thanks for reading and check out the video review below.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hey guys, exams are done so it's time to get a new post out. Apple has had a few big announcements over the past few weeks, one of them being the announcement of iPhone OS 4 and the new macbook pro lineup. So Apple has finally done it, they have finally designed an iPhone OS that can support multitasking! No longer will you need to close out of one app in order to use another one. This has been much awaited and couldn't have come at a better time with the release of the iPad. I myself find it annoying have to close out of IM programs if you want to use the internet at the same time, so I will more than likely paying to upgrade my iPod touch. Now, as exciting as this is, multitasking has been avaialble on smart phones from other manufacturers for years, so how does Apple justify the wait? They claim that it was an issue of battery life, being able to maintain an acceptable charge life while supporting the multitasking ability. I find this explanation skeptical, but still am happy the time has finally come. In the past OS upgrades have been free for the iPhone, and $9.99 for iPod touch users such as myself. The other news from Apple is the new macbook pro lineup, which really only differs from the previous in processing power both in the form of cpu's and gpu's. The core i5 and core i7 processors from intel are now available as an option, as well as upgraded graphics cards from nvidia. This extra power will cost you tho, for a core i5 equipped macbook pro you'll have to shell out $1849, and as much as $2349 for an i7 equipped. Now is all this extra processing power worth the extra cost? My opinion is no. The Apple OS is already fairly quick, and if your only looking for power, you can get an equivalent pc for much cheaper, such as the HP envy which you can pick up on ebay for around $1200. Thanks for reading and also stay tuned for a review of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 which I picked up last week.