Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey guys, in a follow up to my last posting regarding preliminary info on the Nintendo 3DS, I'm going to use this post to talk more about the latest 3D technology. 3D TV'S have finally hit the shelves in Canada with Samsung now selling it's 3D TV's at your local Futureshop. Now everything you watch can be seen in amazing 3D other than the conventional 2D that we're used to. The glasses are now battery operated unlike the classic red and blue glasses we've seen in the past, and the overall viewing quality has been greatly improved. With more and more movies being released in 3D and even some major television stations making the move to 3D, 3D TV may just be the next standard in household viewing. Now if you're looking to truly take advantage of the 3D experience, you'll also want to look into getting a 3D blu-ray player, which will run you around $400 (which is alot when most people have just recently switched to standard blu-ray). Now if you already have a PS3, don't worry, you won't need to shell out an extra $400 for the 3D blu-ray experience. Sony has stated that a firmware upgrade will be available for the PS3 which will allow the system to process 3D blu-ray disc's. Sony also claims that the PS3 will be able to output the 3D picture in full 1080p! More 3D TV's are set to be released in Canada over the summer, including 2 models from Sony. 3D blu-ray players are currently being offered by Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic. If you, like I, have been waiting for 3D to become mainstream, we're not quite there yet, but almost. Thanks for reading

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nintendo DS to go 3-D! If you have been considering picking up a Nintendo DS or DSi, you may want to postpone your purchase til later in the year. Nintendo made a brief announcement that it will be releasing an updated version of the Nintendo DS line within a year that will feature a 3-D screen that does not require the use of special glasses, and will be compatible with previous DS games. More details on the 3DS are set to be released in June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angelas. 3D is definately the future of gaming. Thanks for reading and look for more info in June.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lockerz Lockerz Lockerz! Hey guys, I'm back to let you all know about a great new site out there called Lockerz. While watching iPod touch unboxing videos on youtube I came across a channel that dealt only with Lockerz prize unboxings which got my attention so I decided to check it out. What is Lockerz? Lockerz is an exclusive free site that awards you ptz (points) that can be redeemed for amazing prizes like iPods, macbooks, iMacs, cash, any of the latest gaming consoles and more! So how do you get ptz? Getting ptz is very easy, all you need to do is show up everyday and you automatically get 2 ptz. You also get ptz for inviting friends, and their newest feature, watching videos. Trust me getting ptz is easy, I just signed up yesterday and already have 238 ptz! (a wii is only 250 ptz) Now as far as signing up goes, Lockerz is an exclusive non-exclusive site in which you must be invited to join by one of your friends. Signing up is absolutely free, all they need is your address to know where to send your prizes. If you want to get in and start earning ptz now too, let me know and I'll send you out an invite. Also, once you have 20 friends invited you'll earn double ptz for everything you do! Thanks for reading, I know this post isn't like my usual posts but I just had to get the word out!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To buy a new laptop, or not buy a new laptop? Hey guys, so I've been pondering this question for the last few weeks, and still haven't come up with a decision. Core i3? i5? i7? dedicated graphics? hard drive capacity? These are just a few of the questions floating around my head. To catch you up, I'm currently using a toshiba a300 satelite laptop with an intel centrino t5800 processor, 4gb ddr2 ram, 250gb hdd and integrated graphics. Pretty much any laptop out there running with an i3 processor would be an improvement... but do I really need more speed when everything works fine as it is? To me the answer is obviously yes! I've grown tired of this laptop and it's time to move on, but when do I buy, do I buy now and get an i3, or do I wait a few months and go i5 or even i7, and then I eventually get back to the same old question, do I really need more power... Then there's also the question of will an i processor and ddr3 ram really give me a noticeable improvement... Let me know what you think

Monday, March 15, 2010

Why not to buy an iPad

Hey guys, I thought I'd take a few minutes to let you know why you shouldn't buy an iPad. Now I have to admit when I first saw the new iPad come out I was pretty excited, and combined with the low price tag (relative to other Apple products) I was all set to purchase one upon release. However, as I continued to read up on the device, I realized that to me the iPad is virtually useless. Here are a few reasons why you may want to reconsider purchasing an iPad for yourself.

1) If you already have an iPod touch, or an iPhone, don't waste your money on what is essentially a larger version.
2) In relation to reason one, OSX is not installed on this device, it uses a similar version of the iPhone OS.
3) No camera. Though this is sure to appear on future models (if there is any).
4) Storage capacity. The amount of storage on these devices is minimal, however since there is no OSX installed, this may not be a draw back for most.
5) SD card reader is not included (can be purchased seperately), as well as a tactile keyboard.

Essentially as many reviews have stated previously, the iPad is an overpriced e-reader, underpowered netbook, and just a larger version of the iPod touch. Now that being said, if you don't have either of the devices listed in reason 1, and have an extra $500, then this device may be of consideration, but don't expect to gain anything other than screen size.

I hope you found this useful,