Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hey guys, this is a post that explains one reason why your wifi may not be working with your Rogers Blackberry Bold 9700. My wifi stopped working when I changed my phone plan. I has a my 5 plan, and a bundle which included personal email and IM as well as caller ID and voicemail. This was fine, however for only $2 more I could get 500mb of data to be used for anything, and my 10 instead of my 5. I thought this was a reasonably good deal, so I opted to change to this plan. Immediately after switching to this new plan, my phone would no longer connect to wifi. Where I could previously use email, and IM over wifi, I could no longer. I spent numerous hours with tech support, each time only to find that there were no issues with my phone, but with no other options available, they decided to replace my phone. The replacement arrived, and I was excited at the thought that maybe it would work. Alas, it still would not let me connect to wifi. I was no farther ahead and tech support still could not understand why it would not work. I had a few different explanations however. One agent said it could be that my internet is through Aliant, not Rogers (this however was false because it functioned before, and tested at the Rogers store). One agent told me that you can't do IM or email over wifi because it uses Blackberry's network (I tried not to laugh at that one). One agent told me that they don't guarantee that data services will work over wifi (great selling pitch). I was finally at the point where I was willing to switch back to my old plan which seemed to be the cause of it all. The last agent who made the changes informed me that this would most likely not solve my problem since "data is data", but I told him to make the changes anyway. The minute the change was made, the wifi logo went white, and connected, and all my messages populated into my email accounts. I asked this agent if there were any restrictions reguarding using data over wifi as opposed to the Rogers network, as this was my only reasoning, but he informed me there were not. I'm still at a loss for why a simple plan change disallowed my wifi data use, but it's fixed and that's what matters. So, if you have recently made changes to your plan, and your wifi data usage no longer works, try switching back, it should fix it for you. Hope this helps! thanks guys

Monday, May 17, 2010

Back at it. It's been about 3 weeks since I picked up my new laptop, so I think it's finally time for a review. If you haven't checked out my unboxing video yet, I'll give you a quick rundown on the specs. It is a Toshiba A500-01X, sporting a core i5-420M processor (2.26ghz, up to 2.53ghz with turboboost), 4gb's of DDR3 ram, 640gb hard drive (5400rpm), NVIDIA geForce 330M gpu (1gb dedicated), 16" 16:9 LED backlit HD display, and built in Harmon/Kardon speakers. This computer is all about speed, from the core i5 proccessor, to the NVIDIA gpu, this computer handles multiple tasks with ease, and minimal lag. Now as far as boot times are concerned, I wasn't throughly impressed. After switching to fast boot in the bios, and disabling some programs on startup, the speed was increased somewhat, but not much. Running multiple tab's in IE8 and loading hd videos on youtube is fairly quick qith the gigabit ethernet card, or wireless n connection. Rendering HD video, or applying filters in Photoshop is also sped up by the on board gpu. Reading and writing files to the large hard drive is about standard, not as quick as you would see with a 7200rpm drive, but sufficient for my use. The display is very bright and vibrant due to the LED backlighting, however some shades of red appear a bit pinkish, but you adjust to it. Now I have had issues with the display driver, and have not found a solution as of yet. The issue is that the display driver will stop responding and the screen will go black temporarily. This seems to be a common issue with the A500 series. Toshiba only recommended that I resinstall the driver, or to a system restore (I only tried the driver so far). Moving on the the speakers. This is my third Toshiba laptop with Harman/Kardon speakers, and as usual they are the best speakers built in speakers I've heard in a laptop. They are fairly loud, and clear at all levels. From watching videos, to listening to music, they perform nicely. There is one other issue I need to mention about this laptop. I've been having trouble downloading and installing certain Windows updates. It seems that I constantly need to restart my computer to finish installing these updates, but they never appear to install, also some will fail to download. All in all this laptop is very nice, and to me the pro's far outweigh the cons. I hope to do a video review soon, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading :)