Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Windows 7 Installation

Windows 7 has arrived! My copy of Windows 7 arrived in the mail on Monday, and was immediately installed on my laptop. I was a bit nervous about the installation process, since I was leaving all my files and programs in Microsoft's hands during the upgrade process (of course I didn't back them up first). I had also heard of the upgrade process taking a long period of time, so I started the upgrade, and left it while I went to class. When I arrived home about 2 hours later all that was needed was for me to enter in the license key, and Windows 7 was up and running shortly thereafter. All of my programs, files, and settings were exactly as they were previously in Windows Vista (very slick). So after using 7 for approximately a day (and some prior experience) I have to say I absolutely love it, and highly reccomend it to others. There are a few new features that I find excellent. The first feature is the new task bar, which was criticized for being a knock-off of Apple's dock. I immediately removed all of my program shortcuts from my desktop and pinned them to the taskbar, allowing for a much cleaner looking desktop. The aero peak function of the taskbar is excellent when using tabbed browsing, you can now jump right to the tab you need without searching through them in the web browser. A second feature I really like is the ability to snap windows to the sides of the screen, which allows you to view two windows at once, both occupying half of the screen (especially useful for research papers). Also the new larger display desktop button located in the lower righthand side is much more efficient. Now all you have to do is mouse to the bottom right corner and click, without having to look for the button. There are many more features, but the last thing I will mention is speed. Vista, amoung other things, was known for being slow. 7 allows your computer to run much faster therefore allowing for easier more efficient multi-tasking. Windows 7, a must for all! Thanks for reading

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