Wednesday, November 18, 2009

COD: Modern Warfare 2 Review

It's been close 5 days since I got my hands on Modern Warfare 2 and I gotta say it is highly addictive! There's no better word to describe this game than Amazing! The graphics, the detail, and action are phenomenal. Whether it be campaign mode, or online multiplayer, you'll definately be blown away. I started out playing multiplayer, which I prefer to campaign, and was surprised at the amount of detail in the maps. Multiplayer is one of my favorite aspects of the game, you constantly have to be on the look out for other players, and no one game is the same. I've now moved on to play campaign mode. I usually find campaigns boring, and just a pointless part of the game (I never played much of the campaign in Modern Warfare), but so far I've been impressed. The plot, although a bit hard to follow, combined with the impressive graphics make for one action packed campaign. I did find that you really need to pay attention to the mission between levels or else you'll find yourself somewhat lost, especially when your bouncing around the globe between Russia, South America, and the US. Fighting the militia in South America is somewhat chaotic, the opposition doesn't appear to have much tactic and attack at will. When fighting against the Russian army, it is a bit more difficult, they have a higher skill level in fighting. There is also coop missions you can play with friends, but are not a part of the campaign. I would have liked to see an offline coop ability in the campaign, but other than that, this game is definately worth checking out.

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